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This game was created in 48 Hours for Ludum Dare 33: You are the Monster. Having received overwhelmingly positive reviews, I'm putting it on here. More download platforms can be found on the Entry Page :)

Having travelled across London, 1v1-ed in the rain and engaged in intense afternoon of coffee-fuelled coding, I HAVEN'T collapsed in exhaustion but instead present you with this:

'Lovers on a Park Bench' is essentially a typing game following the story of a square, his ex-girlfriend and a series of intense and very-confusing-at-times metaphors and allusions (they're pretty obvious). All of this is topped with narration by award-winning robot voice, Stephen Hawking (or whatever Audacity can do to emulate it).

All instructions are in-game but here they are if you miss them:

Type the red text as it appears.
Attack (becomes enabled half-way through the game): Space / Click
Change Attack: 1,2
Enable and Disable Narration: F2

There are 3 possible endings.

And finally, a disclaimer.

DISCLAIMER: I'm only 14 and therefore haven't actually been in a romantic relationship before (life is short); I hope this will be an insight into how opera and television have contorted my view of life in general. Thank you and enjoy :P

Software Used: Unity, Photoshop, Visual Studio, Audacity, SFXR, Kawai CA 95 Keyboard, 2nd Speech Centre, Good Old Notepad ;)

Soundtrack and the 'mysterious' third ending can be found here: https://soundcloud.com/peterthehe/sets/lovers-on-a...

Post-Mortem coming soon but now it's time for some SLEEP <3