LD Page: https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/40/the-pointy-stick-hypothesis

After a year-long hiatus from Ludum Dare on account of “coming of age issues”, I make my return to the jam with more alcohol and less WiFi than ever (yep, the single broadband outage in 3 years happens to occur on the weekend of Ludum Dare - thanks BT).

The Pointy Stick Hypothesis is a profoundly profound game about a bunch of rectangles and circles who live around a magical and suspiciously phallic-shaped tree. Teeming with allusions, thinly-veiled dick jokes and clichés, the poorly-written script will blow your mind while at the same time give you an insight into the thought processes of the inhabitants around the tree of life.

Meet an endearing host of quadrilaterals including Mark (your character, a morally-ambiguous white rectangle), Yellow(a wildly shape-phobic rectangle) and Wise Green (a wise old scientists who may or may not be safe around children).


Movement - Left/Right Arrows

Interact - Enter

Change Option in Dialogue - Left/Right Arrows

Select Option in Dialogue - Enter

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